What is Computer System?

The Computer System

The simple definition of a computer is a programmable devices that can automatically perform a sequence of calculations. Or other operations on a date once programmed for the task. It is either digital, analog, or hybrid, but most in operation today are digital. This express variable as numbers, usually in the binary system. The history of computer technology begun in the year 1623 where the computer called mechanical invented by Charles Babbage. Our generation of technology is the sixth generation where the transition is hard to define.

Therefore, the computer system is a system of interconnected computers that share a central storage system. And a variety of peripheral devices such as printers, scanners, or routers. More computer connected to the system can operate independently. It has the ability to communicate with other external devices and computers. The central software component is itself an operating system that manages. And provides services to other programs that can be run on the computer.

The components of the computer system

Computer hardware

This is physical or intangible parts of the computer Such as input and output devices, a central processing unit and storage devices.

Computer software

known as programs or applications, classified into two classes. Namely system software and application software.


This also known as orgware or humanware, is the computer user. That commands the computer system to execute on instructions.

The Microcomputer

The improvement of the microprocessor, the central processing unit on a single integrated circuit. Allowed the development of affordable single-user microcomputers for the first time. The word personal computer was launched by IBM in 1981 which became an instant success. These small economical computer price brought computer technology to even the smallest of enterprises. Computer laptop has the same power as desktop personal computers but is built more compactly with flat-screen monitors. The uses of computer in government, industry, nonprofit and nongovernment organizations. Also, in the home created a high demand.

Either recommending a new computer system or making changes to an existing system, business inevitably change the ways in which their employees work. Additionally, companies should make sure that computer technology is distributed in an intelligent fashion.